The Board of Directors consists of high-level individuals from the public and private sectors who help set strategy, support senior management in pursuit of this strategy, and ensure the LéO Africa Institute has adequate, well-managed resources at its disposal.

The board meets four times per year to establish broad policies and set out strategic objectives for the Institute.

Members of the Advisory Board are appointed by the LéO Africa Institute for their knowledge and direct experience to problem solve, explore concepts, and strategic direction.

Their value-driven insights and advice help the Institute gain new insights to solve problems and explore new opportunities by stimulating robust, high-quality conversations.

Members of Faculty are a valued component of the Institute structure. They constitute a pool of key resource persons who make significant contribution with their time to shape content and ideas under the Institute.

The secretariat fulfills the administrative duties of the LéO Africa Institute. Our team of professionals comes from a diverse range of backgrounds and has made it their mission to advance the ideals of the LéO Institute.