Magnus Mchunguzi Certificate

Magnus, in his unwavering faith in Africa; the potential of its people, and his commitment to ideals of building a good society, believed in the idea that established the foundation from which the Institute stands today. In his generosity, he contributed a great deal of moral encouragement, with the belief that what we were setting off to achieve was possible. He demonstrated this faith with a generous gift of the grant which built the foundation of the LéO Africa Institute.

The seed that was planted in a café in Johannesburg, South Africa in late 2011, and all the sacrifices so many have made, makes the Institute what is today.

We salute Magnus Mchunguzi and his family, for their generosity, and having faith in young Africans in their quest to transform their lives and those of their communities for the better.


Previous winner of The Magnus Mchunguzi Certificate: Moses Mulindwa, (R) Fellow, Huduma Fellowship Class of 2022