The LéO Africa Institute recently hosted members of its network for the heritage seminar in the Eastern Uganda, continuing its series from the previous year in Western Uganda. Themed “Journeys Back Home: Reflections on Culture, Heritage & Leadership in Today’s World,” brought fellows together to explore the rich cultural heritage and its role in modern development. A notable highlight was a conversation with Isaac Imaka, Founder and CEO of local newspaper, Busoga Today.

The seminar included activities such as white water rafting and visits to the source of the Nile and the Uganda Railway Museum, providing hands-on experiences of the region’s natural and historical landmarks. Reflective sessions based on Thich Nhat Hanh’s “Call Me by My True Names” spurred discussions on compassion, identity, and community responsibility.

The Next Decade

Deputy Director, LéO Africa Institute – Kwezi Tabaro gives a background context of the developments that the LeO Africa Institute has undegone over the course of the first decade of operation to inform the prospects of the Institute stepping into The Next Decade.