YELP Class of 2019An Update

We have finally inducted the 2019 class of the Young and Emerging Leaders Project. The 2019 class is our third cohort of the project and consists of fellows from 8 African countries. We are pleased to see the project grow into the pan-African initiative that we aspire for it to become. The institute is looking forward to hosting the fellows for their first seminar at the end of March, which will be held at Kasenge Forest Resort- Mbalala.

Class of 2017 YELP Experience


Latest Updates

  • Voice of a generation

    My passion for empowering the unemployed and underemployed stems from two formative experiences. The first, was when a young man attempted to steal my phone was struck dead by oncoming traffic and the second was the passing of my father. A few weeks before he passed away he spoke to me about what sort of life I wanted to live and urged me to “Make my life count for something”  

  • YELP Class of 2018 Valedictorian Speech

    It falls on a generation to be great, these were the wise words of the late Nelson Mandela. Looking back at the past few months together, I am convinced that we are that generation. We may seem like a drop in ocean but believe me, we can and should be the Wangari Mathaai’s hummingbird. LéO Institute has given us an opportunity to bridge the gap between generations, let’s use these wings and fly.