Mohamed Okash Sugow


Okash is a development strategists, activist, social entrepreneur and philanthropist. One of his life goal is to end extreme poverty, inequalities and conflicts globally; he strongly believes in serving for humanity and its power to build a peaceful and prosperous planet if everyone is empowered and uplifted with the opportunities. Okash is a policy, governance and development junkie who focus on innovating and shaping public policies to address complex local and global challenges. He is a data science and civic technology enthusiast targeting to re-design and transform the service delivery in both government and the private sector. He is also thought leader, catalyst and humanist with a deep passion for diplomacy, Global Affairs, innovation and International Development. He is a true champion of human & child rights, empowering girls, women and young people and interest in public health. He loves to write and uses his blog to advocate and share stories about peace, change, youth leadership, volunteerism, innovation and social entrepreneurship. He is a highly sought as a professional speaker, facilitator and mentor who is excellent in working with people to achieve their God-given potentials. Okash loves to travel, read, network, Music and arts. He is a Global Shaper at World Economic Forum, focal point at African Youth Movement, and programmes specialist at African Union Youth Communion (AYUC) Somali Chapter.  He is co-founder and executive director of SDGs 252 and Global Dignity Country chair for Somalia. Okash holds Diploma in Education at Mogadishu University, BA in Public Administration at SIMAD University, MA in Development Studies at Kampala International University. He has been successful participating online Courses from several prestigious universities including Harvard University, University of Oxford, University of Leiden, and many others.  

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