The Young & Emerging Leaders Project

Targeting young leaders with backgrounds in media, social enterprise, the Arts, innovators, and activists, the YELP annually attracts 20 outstanding thought leaders into a year-long fellowship.

The fellowship imparts critical skills needed in leadership that transforms the individual and society around them. Fellows continuously support and lift each other up, inspire one another, and collectively encourage each other to become positive change makers.

The Huduma (Swahili for Public Service) Fellowship is an initiative by the LéO Africa Institute and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, to provide thought leadership training for emerging public sector leaders in Uganda. Every year, the programme will enroll 15 outstanding young and emerging leaders, who already work in public service or aspire to do so. These leaders from multidisciplinary backgrounds will undertake a year-long training on various aspects of leadership, public affairs management, and policy making.

The LéO Africa Review is an independent magazine published by the Institute. Focused on East Africa, the quarterly publication advances constructive ideas on values-based leadership, with a major focus on innovations and social enterprise.

The publication’s targeted readership includes thought leaders, social actors, entrepreneurs, innovators, as well as an emerging critical mass of young professionals in East Africa.

The Annual Leaders Gathering

The Gathering brings together members of the LéO Africa network, partners, and friends of the Institute in both public and private sectors to reflect on what it takes to achieve good leadership and ideas that will transform society. On the sidelines of the event, our YELP alumni also meet to build collaborations and reiterate their commitment to creating opportunities for others to succeed.