Maria Kyamulabye


Maria Kyamulabye has experience working with different organizations, from NGOs to global consulting companies, in more than 5 countries. She is passionate about helping young women to tap into the ability of business and technology to change lives. She is the Community Manager at Andela–Uganda, a subsidiary of the American technology company that specialises in training software engineers and pairing them with global firms. As the Community Manager Maria’s role involves growing communities of talent through building programs and partnerships within the technology eco-system, and growing the Andela office in Uganda. She also trains and mentors with various organizations such as the Africa Entrepreneurship Award, We-Link Uganda, Zimba Women

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Fellowship Experience

YELP brings together people who are looking to challenge the status quo. People that are willing to dare themselves and others to create the difference they want to see. I am inspired and humbled to be part of an amazing group of people.