Kiggundu Rodney


Founder of Streetlights Uganda, an initiative that uses industrial and fine arts to get children off the streets and as well handling key issues such as poverty that lead children to the streets. Unseen Me Exhibition, one of their initiatives, is an event that gives platform to street connected children to share their talents/Unseen side regardless of the perception the public has of them. Through Art, Dance, Music and the Runway, we help them air out what concerns they have to the public for support as well as breaking stereotypes. Over 100 Street children attended this event. He is also the Head of Advertising at Reminac Comics. They make lead characters through comic books some of which are character building books for school going children - like their main comic book called School Days.

Meet the fellow

Fellowship Experience

I have learnt a lot about past leaders and what they have done, (as well as) the power leadership has  in this region and continent in influencing the decisions that we make; also the power we have as young people in changing the communities around us.