Cleofash Alinaitwe


Cleofash Alinaitwe is a co-founder of Art Planet Academy, an entity that seeks to replicate and test climate smart farming technologies from research stations and other farming communities before incorporating them into our practical agricultural training curriculum that we use to promote practical agricultural learning in schools and communities. In January 2017, Cleofash was selected for the Young and emerging African leaders program, won $10,000 for the best agricultural enterprise from the seventh annual Anzisha prize challenge He graduated in Bachelors of Science in Agriculture and Rural Innovations from Makerere University in 2014.

Meet the fellow

Fellowship Experience

YELP taught me how to identify and also deal with life’s barriers. I have been reflecting on that one text, ‘Identify a wall in your life and break it before you can focus on the other’. The YELP fellowship provided a platform to meet a crowd of like-minded people, I think it is a package of transformative life lessons summarized in one year.