Awel Uwihanganye

  • The Magnus Mchunguzi Certificate.
    LéO @ 5: Announcing the Magnus Mchunguzi Certificate for outstanding Leadership by a Fellow

    Alinaitwe Cleofash will be crowned as the inaugural recipient of the Magnus Mchunguzi Certificate of Outstanding Leadership by a Fellow. Magnus, in his unwavering faith in Africa, the potential of its people, and his commitment to ideals of building a good society, believed in the idea that established the foundation from which the institute stands today.

    Awel Uwihanganye Awel Uwihanganye
  • Africa Must Heavily Invest in Youth if we are to Lead in Innovation

    Africa needs its own “Silicon Valleys” – investment in environments and infrastructure to enable an economic system to thrive that supports critical thought, incubates ideas, and accelerates them into viable ventures. Public and private sector drivers must recognise this as a critical component for economic dynamism that will enable service providers to offer solutions to a wide network of people across the continent.

    Awel Uwihanganye Awel Uwihanganye