Third LéO Africa Institute Board of Directors holds inaugural Meeting

Board to focus on fundraising, knowledge creation, and launching executive coaching

The third board of directors of the LéO Africa Institute held its inaugural meeting on Saturday, 24th, 2023. The board members are enthusiastic about this new phase and eagerly anticipate working closely together to forge a path of value for the Institute. During the meeting, the board members had the opportunity to personally connect with one another and develop a shared understanding of the Institute’s journey, its current state, and, most importantly, its vision for future growth.

2023 -2025 LéO Africa Institute Board Chair Samuel Fredrick Mwogeza during the meeting

One of the key priorities identified by the LéO Africa Institute Board is to focus on enhancing the Institute’s financial capacity through improved fundraising efforts and strategic resource mobilization. The objective is to raise and increase funds flowing into the Institute, supporting the implementation of its objectives and mission. The board aspires to establish stable and predictable funding streams that will serve as the foundation for the Institute’s activities. Achieving this will involve making fundraising and resource mobilization more efficient and effective.

LéO Africa Institute Co-founder Magnus Mchunguzi during the meeting

The board’s efforts will extend beyond securing funds for projects and Institute operations; equal attention and focus will be given to cultivating long-term partnerships with funders. Building relationships and loyalty will be paramount in obtaining and retaining institutional support, as well as attracting new donors who are committed to the mission and objectives of the LéO Africa Institute.

LéO Africa Institute Board Member Rossie Lorie during the meeting

The board also aims to enhance the Institute’s visibility, influence, and impact. This will be achieved by reaching a broader audience and expanding knowledge production through increased engagement, conversations, publications, content creation, and media production.

Leveraging the expertise and industry knowledge of the board’s experienced professionals and experts, the Institute will share valuable insights through various channels such as articles, whitepapers, interviews, and panel discussions. Active participation in conversations and the production of relevant content will enable the board to establish meaningful connections within the Institute’s network.

LéO Africa Institute Board Member Kevin Langley during the meeting

The board is enthusiastic about launching executive training and coaching programs for both corporate and public sector institutions. Over the next two years, the board intends to provide guidance and support to the technical staff at the secretariat, enabling the implementation of recommended interventions. The board’s role will be to assist and empower the staff in executing these interventions successfully.

LéO Africa Institute Founder & Senior Director Awel Uwihanganye during the meeting

The LéO Africa Institute eagerly anticipates the transformative outcomes from the collaborative efforts of the board as they work together to advance the Institute’s mission of supporting and nurturing young and emerging African leaders to meaningfully contribute to transforming their communities and continent.

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