LéO Africa Institute adopts YELP Leadership Network charter

The charter provides guidelines on how the YELP Fellowship conducts its business, shapes programming and defines the relationship with the Institute.

When the Young and Emerging Leaders Project (YELP) Fellows met at the Annual Leaders Gathering in Kampala from 26 – 28 November 2021, a charter allowing Fellows and their staff to manage affairs of the network was adopted.

The charter provides guidelines on how the YELP Fellowship conducts its business, shapes programming and defines the relationship with the Institute.

Subsequently, an Executive Committee was selected to provide management, operational, and strategic leadership in running affairs of the network. The LéO Africa Institute is represented by the Deputy Director and Networks Coordinator on the committee as ex-officios.

The 2022-24 YELP Executive Committee

The Executive Committee Roles and Tasks

President – Chairs the committee meetings, provides strategic direction, and represents YELP Fellows as a Member of the Board of Directors of the LéO Africa Institute and at other key meetings where YELP is required representation. He/She is the key spokesperson for the YELP network.

Chief of Staff – Coordinates all functions of the Committee, responsible for ensuring the team delivers on targets and goals, particularly supports the President in convening meetings, setting the agenda, designing strategy, and convening of meetings. Chief Of  Staff coordinates with the YELP Coordinators on matters of finance, fundraising, and accountability.

Vice President Seminar Experiences – Leads the committee in planning for seminar experiences for the YELP and friends of YELP, coordinates with the LéO Africa Institute in convening and designing the agenda of the three signature seminars. Also coordinates the trainings, retreats and, orientation for YELP moderators. Works with the Institute in curating the knowledge resources to guide seminar sessions.

YELP Class of 2019 Fellows have a workout session at one of their seminars. The unique YELP seminar experience creates an environment that stimulates critical thinking among fellows and gives them a headspace to expand their perspectives.

Vice President Alumni Relations – The main task is to integrate the three yelp classes into one network, coordinate with country champions in convening in-country activities, promote the work of the fellows, and support fellows locally where they need support of the network or Institute, and ensures fellows remain connected to the larger institute network.

Vice President YELP Annual Summit – Tasked to work with the LéO Africa Institute Annual Leaders Gathering team to convene the Annual Yelp Summit as a side event annually. Responsibilities include working with the President & Chief of Staff to draw program for the Summit, assign speaker roles, and follow up on actions pledged by fellows during the annual summit.

Young and Emerging Leaders Project Fellows at the 2021 Annual Leaders Gathering. The Annual YELP Summit takes place on the sidelines of the Annual Leaders Gathering

Chief Network Officer – Main responsibility is to connect the YELP community to opportunities in other key networks, key organisations, and institutions. These may include speaking engagements at other gatherings outside of the LéO Africa Institute, identifying awards and prizes which fellows can apply to, trainings and learnings, and other of such. The Chief Network Officer also works to build relationships with funding partners and sponsors for YELP activities.

Chief Marketing Officer – Directs the strategic communication function of the YELP Network. Supports the YELP Coordinator in managing different social media, web portals, and other communication platforms associated with YELP. The other roles include guiding the comms strategy, content production, and helps draft key messages, press/media/ public notice releases, and other statements associated with YELP announcements.

The Chief Marketing Officer works with the Chief Network Officer and the Chief of Staff in ensuring the strategic communications are aligned to partnership building, strengthening, and increase fundraising capabilities. Works with the YELP Coordinator & Vice President Alumni relations to ensure fellows’ profiles, and their work continue to get highlighted in reports and communications.

YELP is a leadership network of the LéO Africa Institute.

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