Yelp Reunion Seminar Three

The Urgency of Harambee “Pulling together”

A YELP Fellows Reunion Seminar

08 - 09 October
starting at 4:30pm EAT


The Urgency of Harambee “Pulling together”

The third and final of the YELP reunion seminar focuses on strengthening a collaborative leadership culture within the Institute network and beyond. The practice of collective response when confronting individual and collective challenges or in pursuit of innovating and building effective systems to transform society.

From this seminar, Fellows are expected to explore different opportunities for collaboration in their professional pursuits, and in building partnerships that offer opportunity and solutions to society.

With the effects from the COVID19 pandemic guaranteed to affect how we live and work, it has exacerbated the economic condition of many and recovery will depend on how quickly we collectively work together in addressing the structural and personal challenges in the process of rebuilding our economies and ensure inclusive social systems.

Registration Deadline; 03rd October, 2021

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