Yelp Reunion Seminar 1

Keeping Sight of the Thread!

A YELP Fellows Reunion Seminar

June 25 – June 26
starting at 10:00am EAT


The seminar is an evaluation of YELP Fellow’s leadership journey since graduation.

The session experiences are built on examples of different visionary leaders who have used power of the individual brand to build powerful companies, organizations, and campaigns to cause change and build lasting legacies.

The reunion seminar therefore, is meant to critically evaluate progress and achievements of the individual YELP Fellows and assess levels of advancement in career growth paths, as well as measurement of impact of their work on the communities where they live.

In expanding the YELP leadership experience, the Institute is opening up participation for non Fellows at the 2021 reunion seminars.

Non Fellows are either spouses of fellows or individuals invited by the Fellows themselves, who would have otherwise been a natural selection for a YELP class.

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