Liz Muange


Liz Muange is a Deputy Director for Investment working at the East Africa Trade and Investment Hub, a sixty five million dollar flagship project under the US Trade Africa Presidential Initiative created to boost trade and investment into East Africa, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Mauritius. She has more than ten years experience in areas of innovation, corporate and project finance, due diligence review, risk management and project management for investment and development projects. Liz is a global shaper of the World Economic Forum running projects in Entrepreneurship development in Nairobi. She also loves to travel, hike and play golf.

Meet the fellow

Fellowship Experience

“The YELP fellowship has helped me learn new tricks to being an effective leader and know our journey into leadership is shaped by one’s own traits and character. There is no universal definition of success and it’s important to celebrate achievements even if they are small as you continue to pursue your life’s goals. Success is defined by what are your life’s objectives and what they intend to achieve.”