• A Prudent Reaction to Trump’s Comments?

    The irony of this contrived logic flies in the face of the overwhelming evidence—based on the U.S. government’s own data—that African immigrants in America are not as unavailing as commonly portrayed. On the contrary they are more educated and skilled than people born in the U.S. and have built huge reserves of human capital that have contributed significantly to America’s growth.

    Paul Nantulya Paul Nantulya
  • The Magnus Mchunguzi Certificate.
    LéO @ 5: Announcing the Magnus Mchunguzi Certificate for outstanding Leadership by a Fellow

    Alinaitwe Cleofash will be crowned as the inaugural recipient of the Magnus Mchunguzi Certificate of Outstanding Leadership by a Fellow. Magnus, in his unwavering faith in Africa, the potential of its people, and his commitment to ideals of building a good society, believed in the idea that established the foundation from which the institute stands today.

    Awel Uwihanganye Awel Uwihanganye
  • Applications Open for 2018 YELP Fellowship

    Now in its second year, the fellowship will expand to include participants from Tanzania and Burundi. The Fellowship will attract young and emerging leaders from diverse cultural and entrepreneurial backgrounds, already engaged either as social entrepreneurs, innovators, media and journalism practitioners, artists, or activists.

    LéO Africa Institute LéO Africa Institute
  • Jack Ma: Africa is the Future of e-Commerce. And Young Africans hold the Keys

    Africa needs to tell its story from its own diverse cultural perspectives. Most importantly we need to restore our dignity and reputation which is still muddled by colonial subjugation. Nowhere else was consensus unanimous on the matter than at the YouthConnekt summit.

    Nicholas Opolot Nicholas Opolot
  • LéO Africa Economic Forum Calls for Problem-focused & Inclusive Innovation

    The biggest challenge hindering the breakthrough of innovations and start-ups into marketable ventures is their inability to attract capital. To this, the Economic Forum emphasized the need for public–private partnerships between government and already existing hubs, as one way of attracting more private sector investment.

    Ivan Rugambwa Ivan Rugambwa
  • Second YELP Seminar Explores Success Tips For Young and Emerging Leaders

    The seminar focused on the importance of knowing oneself and defining direction and strategy so as to measure their goals and successes.

    Donnas Ojok Donnas Ojok
  • Africa Must Heavily Invest in Youth if we are to Lead in Innovation

    Africa needs its own “Silicon Valleys” – investment in environments and infrastructure to enable an economic system to thrive that supports critical thought, incubates ideas, and accelerates them into viable ventures. Public and private sector drivers must recognise this as a critical component for economic dynamism that will enable service providers to offer solutions to a wide network of people across the continent.

    Awel Uwihanganye Awel Uwihanganye
  • Stanbic Bank to Support Young and Emerging Leaders Project

    “The youth are a key pillar in the transformation of Uganda and East Africa as a whole. As a bank we recognise the important role they have to play in our future socio-economic development which is the reason why more than 70% of our Corporate Social Investment Budget is directed towards Early Childhood Development projects, Primary and Secondary education.

    Ivan Rugambwa Ivan Rugambwa
  • It’s All About Leadership

    All the effective leaders I have encountered – both those I worked with and those I merely watched, knew four simple things: a leader is someone who has followers; popularity is not leadership, results are; leaders are highly visible, they set examples; leadership is not rank, privilege, titles or money, it is responsibility.

    Patricia Kahill Patricia Kahill